Farewell Gift: Good Luck

Till now, I still can't sleep. Supposedly this post will be publish right before I go to airport on this evening.

Since, I can't sleep now, I just finish up this post. Am I too excited? I guess partly. Am I not tired? No, I am tired. Mainly I was thinking about what should say in the farewell speech, which I haven't do it yet. And I don't think I am going to have it. I will express my feeling here.

I am not a person very good in express my feeling in words. What I do now is recalling lots of memories. What we did together? What place we went? What game we played? What jokes we share? There are many more. The more I think, the more I am going to miss you guys. I felt I am the luckiest person. I proud to have you guys appearing in my life. I appreciate our friendship and the time we spend together. It is priceless. You guys are true good friends. Thank you for being next with me whenever I need and being supportive whenever I am felt down. On the other hand, I also felt the older I get, the easier I'm loosing my temper. Here, I want to take this chance to apologize for loosing temper to you without any reason, hurting your feeling for being too straight forward, does not able to understand what you really what from me, and not being truly honest to you.

After watching 'Alice in Wonderland' on last Monday, I felt that I am The Alice. Wonderland is the place I always dream of. Awesome place and nice friends. But there are questions without answers out there. I want to discover them one by one. Leaving Wonderland is the hard decision. I will back one day.

Thanks you for all the good luck wishes and gifts: one is a precious and beautiful calligraphy; one is a hard work of finest video clip; one is a thoughtful warm sweater; one is a sincere greeting card; one is a karma bracelet from Tibet; and lots more. Because of you guys, I already got one percent of luck. Now I just need ninety-nine percent of hard work to achieve my dream. Although I can't predict the future, I believe, no matter where I go, we will meet one day.

I must get some sleep now.



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