Book Review: The Journeys of Two Lao Students

Last week, I finished reading "The Journeys of Two Lao Students", a gift from John.

First time as a book reviewer, I will try my best to give a brief comment on what I think about this book. I learned by reading other book reviewer in I also tried not to mention much of the book contents. I recommended for people like to know more about Lao.

The book quality is good. It used very good quality of paper. That's make the book a bit more heavy comparing to other books that have the same size. The book fulls of photos of John's adventure in Lao. He used very simple, clear and big font in the book, making the users easy to read. John used simple English through out the book to cater wider audience.

It is a biography of a person sponsored two Lao students for higher education. Beginning on how the author knowing about this sponsorship. Then the event of meeting the students. And also the life of the two students before, during and after the sponsorships. The hard work of the author and determination of the student to achieve their dreams. Now both of them had a successful career and contribute to the Laos society. This book inspired me to hard work to achieve my dream by facing lots of challenging obstacle just like the two students.

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