First post from Australia

First of all, I would like apologies for being silent since March 2010. I was busy settling down in Australia.

I was in Hobart for the first months. Temporally, I was staying in Joel's place. The school semester won't start till July. In order to survive, I was helping my friends in MoMo Bubble Tea shop and Napoletana Pizzeria and Pasta house. While helping in the shops, I met lots of nice people in town. Anita, Daniel, just to mention a few. Through word of mouth, I aware that some of the IT companies were hiring on that time. After few interviews, I ended up working as contract software developer in Getbusi. Due to the contract, I missed the school term again. I am not sure whether I am giving myself an excuse or I just don't want to study in the first place.

Exactly first of August, I move to Sydney and tried try my luck on job hunting. Again, I got another contract programmer in Copyright Limited Agency starting 30th of August. At first, I was staying in backpacker hostel called X Base during job hunting. After I got my first job in Sydney, I slowly searched for a place to stay. End up, I am sharing a place with another house mate, Richard, in North Sydney starting first of October. Since my work place is located in CBD, I am traveling to work by bus everyday across the harbour bridge. Till now, I still can't believe I am actually living and working at down under. Well, life just continues.

Beside limited Internet access before I moved to North Sydney, the main reason, I did not update my blog is I am in the process on transfering this blog from WordPress to a blog powered by Django. Starting a new blog by Django was easy. The hardest part was the effort on transferring the database from WordPress to Django with hundred of pictures that were managed by third party WordPress plugin. The whole idea was doomed when WordPress mobile application for Nokia is developed. Personally, I felt more motivated when I am got an handy publishing tools in my Nokia 5800. Now I can post anytime anywhere. No more excuse. This does not stop me for not being self practising on Django framework. Later, I will develop a Django site that hosts all my works that I would like to share with you guys. WordPress will be my blog platform and Django framework is my works sharing tool.

Last but not least, I would like to share some of my snapshots of my life in Australia. More to come. Stay tuned. Nice weather today. Getting ready to go out soon.


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