WordPress Theme Development 7 - Comments

There is an enhancement for comment display in WordPress 2.7. New template tags are introduced.

This WordPress theme will be using those enchancement too. In the header file, header.php, code as following is added right before the call to wp_head(); for supporting new JavaScrip functionality with comment threading in WordPress 2.7.

Nows, let's concerntrate on comments file, comments.php, itself. Due to this theme support at least WordPress version 2.7, it won't include any legacy code that support WordPress version less then 2.7. I used Migrating Plugins and Themes to 2.7/Enhanced Comment Display as reference. Great reference. We won't repeat on what they already said. An example of comments file, comments.php that supporting WordPress 2.7 comments enhancement as following.

Currently there is no plan on developing popup comments template. Therefore, there will be no popup comments file, comments-popup.php, in this theme. However, if you want to publish your theme publicly, you might want to consider for adding it.

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