WordPress Theme Development 5 - Sidebar

In the main index template file, index.php, I added sidebar include tag, get_sidebar();. This tag will include the file sidebar.php. Now, I will talk about what information will be included in this file. Your sidebar needs to support dynamic widget sidebar as well as old style sidebar. Hence, <?php if ( !function_exists('dynamic_sidebar') || !dynamic_sidebar() ) : ?> is needed. Next, it will be the search form. I include text input and submit input in the form. I also like to display a list of WordPress pages as links, a monthly archive links list, a list of categories as links and a list of bookmarks as links. Since all the links title does not have any html tag, I will remove both the default before text, <h2>, and default after text, </h2>, by adding empty string for title_after and title_before arguments in bookmark template tag. For meta tag list, I added wp_register(); for displaying either the "Register" link to users that are not logged in or the "Site Admin" link if a user is logged in. Adding some WordPress build-in feeds for allowing your friends to subscribe your blog, which is what I doing too. Lastly, wp_meta(); is added for allowing other WordPress plugin to insert content into this file. An example of this file is stated as following.

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