Sitemap Generator For Non WordPress Site

Non WordPress site, here, means web site that does not use WordPress framework, for example, Napoletana Pizza. With WordPress framework, we can use WordPress plugin, Google XML Sitemaps. For non WordPress site, we can either manual create a Sitemap or using Sitemap generator.

Personal point of view, we think Google's new open source Google Sitemap Generator is complex. We faced a difficulty to install it in share hosts server, in my case, DreamHost. Anyone know the way, please let me know in comments. So, for now, I will uses Google's previous Sitemap Generators. It is python script that generate Sitemap using the Sitemap protocol. There aren't many info on how to use this script. Whatever I can find are listed as below. I tested it. It works. I also create a cron job to run this script daily.

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