Attending Toastmasters Meeting in Beijing

As a toastmasters member, I keep remind myself, I must attend one of the toastmasters meeting in Beijing. This week, I decided to have a very early dinner and attend it at A1 Toastmasters Club.

The meeting was held in the training room. Once I entered the room, I was greeted by a friendly girl named Tina. She handed over me a registration form, agenda of the meeting and speeches evaluation form. On that day the meeting was hosted by Cheryl. Great opening with sharing with us some Chinese poems. The theme of that meeting was "Things behind the beauty". Word of the day is "supposed to". After explaining each of the roles by Addy, impromptu speech started with very interesting title. One of them is giving reason on choosing either buying one house with parents or buying two houses for himself and his parents. During the break, Kevin, VP membership, came to all the guests and introduced himself. After the break, three speakers attempted their Competent Communicator (CC) manual speech. After this, the speakers will be evaluated and followed by reports from ah counter, grammarian and timer. Lastly, Tina confirmed next meeting's roles. At 9pm, the meeting dismissed. Attending toastmasters meeting always a knowledgeable experience.



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