Beijing Walk: Qian Men East

Last weekend, Beijing weather was very good. I decided to grab this golden opportunity walking around Qian Men East.

Qian Men was renovated and turned into walking street. I took hundreds of photos. I will write some explanation on each of the photos. Qian Men (前门) is the gate that separating between inner "Man Chu (满族)" city at north side and outer "Han (汉)" city at south side. That day I decide to visit the south east of Qian Men. There are lots of small alley (Hu Tong, 胡同), just like a maze. Without a map, I believe I will lost inside. The most interesting part, I would said is the Qian Shi Hu Tong (钱市胡同). It is a very narrow alley, about 70cm. It was designed preventing thieves from easy escape.



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