Natural Yeast Starter

After we got Jayeon Bread book, we started my first natural yeast starter. We used 'sultana' instead of 'raisin' in 'raisin liquid starter' recipe. Photo 1 showed the state of the liquid on second day. Photo 2 and 3 showed on the last day of the liquid starter. We began it on 19 May 2014 and ended on 26 May 2014. Then we continued with refreshed starter step 1 with 75g strong white flour and 25g spelt flour on first round. Photo 4 is the beginning of the state. Photo 5 is the end of the state. On second round, we used 90g strong white flour and 10g spelt flour. Photo 6 is the beginning of the state and photo 7 is the end of the state. On last round, we just used 100% amount of strong white flour as stated in the book. Now we got my final refreshed starter in our fridge.



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