What's Happening to Ivan

Is this blog dead? What's been happening to Ivan? Not many updates for the past two to three months. Actually I have been busy and would like to share some of the interesting events in my life over the past three months.

I helped one of my friends with the development of a simple inventory and sale application. It is an open source. I am hosting the code in Google code. I will create a new page here containing all my hobbyist applications.

I know my communication skills are very poor and have therefore joined Toastmasters. Through this organisation, I hope I can improve my public speaking skills.

I bought a PS3 games console along with LittleBigPlanet (Asia version), which was first launched in Malaysia. I also bought an extra controller. A special promotion allowed me to get two selected games free. I chose "Resistance: Fall of Man" and "Soulcalibur IV".

In an effort to improve my English skills I have registered for the IELTS exam. I want to know my English level. 13 Dec was the exam day. After the exam, I felt I did not do well in the writing and speaking sections. I don't have the confidence to score band 7. The result will be out on 26 Dec. Following the exam I am aware of my weakness in writing skills. I will post more in this blog and strive to improve my English writing skills.

Now my life is back to its usual routine! I will post any updates.


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