Why I Want to Create this Web Site?

Currently this site contains only weblog.

But it will play a role as:

  • communication channel - sharing ideas, life experience, memories among my friends, family and you. (Main priority)
  • scrapbook - improving my writing skill.
  • web lab - improving my web development skill.
  • portfolio - telling you who am I.
  • work space - sharing some of my works that might be useful to you.
  • income stream - earning some extra pocket money.

Why not put it in a free site, such as blogger, facebook, myspace, etc? Nowadays, site creation platform, such as webon, iceberg, etc allows you to create stunning web site and application for free. Each of these free services have both pros and cons. I have been switch them from one to another. Now, I am here. Here, I will slowly transform the default WordPress to something stunning. That's my goal.



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