jrnl - The Command Line Journal

Last year I dreamed to make journaling a daily habit. I want something small and quick setup. After some research, I decided to give jrnl a try.

jrnl is a command line journal. Documentation

Quick commands:

  • Type jrnl yesterday: Called in sick. to add yesterday entry.
  • Type jrnl today at 3am: Swimming to add today 3am entry.
  • Use @ for tag. For example, jrnl Had a wonderful day at the @beach.
  • Use * to mark an entry as a favorite. For example, jrnl last sunday *: Best day of my life..
  • Type jrnl -to today to view all entries.
  • Type jrnl -n 10 to list the ten most recent entries.
  • Type jrnl -from "last year" -to march to see all of the entries you wrote from the beginning of last year until the end of this past March.
  • Type jrnl -on yesterday to see yesterday entries.
  • Type jrnl -month 1 -year 2020 --edit to open your external editor displaying all entries were written in Jan 2020.
  • Type jrnl -contains "dogs" --edit to open your external editor so that you can add a tag symbol (@ by default) to all instances of the word 'dogs'.
  • Type jrnl @pinkie @WorldDomination to display all entries in which either '@pinkie' or '@WorldDomination' occurred.
  • Type jrnl -n 5 @pinkie -and @WorldDomination to display the last five entries containing both '@pinkie' and '@worldDomination'.
  • Type jrnl --tags to view a list of all tags in the journal.
  • Type jrnl -starred to display only your favorite (starred) entries.
  • Type jrnl -to 1950 @texas -and @history --edit to open your external editor displaying all entries tagged with '@texas' and '@history' that were written before 1950. After making changes, save and close the file, and only those entries will be modified (and encrypted, if applicable).
  • Type jrnl work -n 1 --edit to open the most recent entry in the 'work' journal in your external editor.
  • Type jrnl -to 2004 @book --delete to show all entries in 2004 or earlier and with '@book', and you can choose the ones you want to delete.
  • Type jrnl -to 2004 @book --edit to open all entries in 2004 or earlier and with '@book' in your external editor, and you can select everything, delete it, save and close, and all of those entries are removed from the journal.
  • Type jrnl --list to list all of your journals.


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