New Zealand 2014 - Day 8

We were exhausted last night, so we sleep in that day morning.

In fact, we were hungry. So we waked up to have breakfast and then go back to sleep. After that, we pack our bags to get ready to check out. After checked out the lodge, we walked around the village again before leaving the place. Before waiting the intercity bus, we had a quick lunch, saying good bye to some of the guests that stayed there and last look of the view. :) Again it was another six hours bus trip back to Auckland. The bus stopped at the same place. We had a coffe break at The Bakehouse Cafe, Taumarunui. Unfortunately, the flat white is way too hot. Big no-no to that cafe. We felt tired when we reached back at Manukau. We decided to have a quick dinner at McDonald's. I said to myself. I must try their Georgie Pie, even though I heard lots of bad review about it. There were two flavours at that time, mince and cheese or chicken and vegetable. I picked the chicken version. After a bite, I totally agreed with other. Another big no-no. More then 60% of the filling are gravy / sauce with tiny bits of shredded chicken and barely seen vegetable bits. Last minute, we decided to go clubbing that night, since it was a long weekend. I slept less then four hours that night.



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