New Zealand 2014 - Day 1

New Zealand, here I come.

During this trip, I was going to see my friend, Shawn and his partner, Gage. I haven't see Shawn since he last visit to Sydney in 2012. After arriving at Auckland airport, Shawn and his partner picked me up with his car. We had a quick meal before starting my journey in Auckland. All of us had a different taste. I had a sushi bento, where as Shawn chose McDonald and Sage picked Burger King. My first place to visit is Auckland Botanic Gardens. That day was clear sky with light breeze. Prefect weather to see some great variety of flora and fauna grew in Auckland. Herb garden is interesting and spring blossom valley is beautiful. Before heading back to Shawn's home, we stopped by near by Countdown to get some ingredients for that night dinner. Countdown is New Zealand supermarket chain, owned by Woolworths in Australia. Shawn was on low carb diet at that time. That day dinner was kumara with sausage, mushroom and carrot in Mexican tomato salsa. Very creative yet delicious. I tried out his PS4 and played some games before end my day.



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