Disable Autorun / Autoplay in Windows XP

When you insert cd or plug usb drive, the Windows XP will always scan through the device and pop up autoplay dialog box on asking you "what you want to do with these type of files". That will increase risk on letting the virus from the device attacking your computer. I want to stop this.

Below are the steps (only for advance user) on disabling autoplay in Windows XP:

  1. Go to Start Menu \ Run and type in services.msc for open services windows.
  2. Look for Shell Hardware Detection service and click Stop the service.
  3. Right click on Shell Hardware Detection and click Properties on the context menu.
  4. Click Disable as startup type in shell Hardware Detection Properties dialog box then Ok button to close the dialog box.
  5. Later if you want to start the Shell Hardware Detection service, do the steps above, but click Automatics as startup type in Shell Hardware Detection Properties dialog box and click Start the service.




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