Parramatta City Visit

Last weekend, we decide to take Sydney ferries, Rivercat, to Parramatta. It was last minute decision.

The main purpose was Rivercat experience. It allowed me to see the different side of Sydney, river view from Sydney to Parramatta. Unfortunately, it was low tide on that day. The last stop is Rydalmere, the stop before Parramatta. After that, they will provide the bus service to Parramatta. It wasn't a good weather for outing as well. Very cloud. Rain was drizzling most of the trip. On the trip, we grab a new book that we recently bought, Food Shopping Guide. It tells us where can we find specific ingredients in Sydney and near by suburbs. During the way to Parramatta, we quickly browsed through the book and decided to visit two Indian stores, Himalaya Spice Centre and India Bazaar Parramatta, in Harris Park, next suburbs of Parramatta and one Polish food store, Tatra Delicatessen, in Parramatta. Surprisingly, we founds lots of India restaurants, video shop and clothing in Harris Park. Next time, we know where to go for exotic India spices and ingredients. After having north Indian food as late lunch, we continued our journey to Parramatta. Unfortunately, it almost evening. Most of the shops, included the Polish food store, were closed. Lastly, we visited the Parramatta Westfield before catching the trains back to town.

It was a pleasant to visit other city beside Sydney. I definitely want to do more in next future.




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