Adventure in Wet Market

This morning, I was adventurous stepped into wet market near my home. I need to get the ingredients for tonight thai food.

No, I am not the chef tonight. My thai friend is. I was just helping him to get all the ingredients since he was busy for something else. Most of the ingredients were new to me. I need to search about it, specially galangal. In Hokkien, we called it 'longkuai'. The main ingredients for this dish are chicken breast and abalone mushroom. This morning, there is not enough supply for abalone mushroom, the sale lady said that it can replaced with eryngii mushroom. So I got some of both. Next, I am going to get fresh coconut milk. I asked the sale lady, 'How much was that?' She said, 'RM1.' On my mind, I doubt whether it is enough for not. My mind told me to get more instead of less. I told the sale lady, 'Give me RM2.' In Malay, we called it 'Santan'. Next, I will get other spices for the Thai dish: lemon grass, coriander, chili, lime and lime leaves. The last thing that I am going to buy was chicken breast. I did not know there are two different places of selling chicken. One is Malay area and another one is Chinese area. I searched around the whole market. I only saw the Malay stall. I told the sale man that I need two chicken breast. He said that he only sell either half chicken or whole chicken. End up, I gave up and asked my sister. Later, I released that there are Chinese stalls at the other end of the market. It was an interesting adventure in Malaysia's wet market.



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