Toastmasters CC10 'Inspire Your Audience': An Open Letter

This evening will be a special meeting for me. I will be presenting my last speech in Vista Penang toastmasters club. We got one guest, Kwek, on today meeting. I was surprise to see Ea San was there too. Although the crowd was small and the air corn was not working, I really had great time during the meeting. After the meeting, they organized a small farewell at Old Town near by. You see, where can you find such club in your area. I share here with you my last speech of competent communication manual.

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Dear my fellow toastmasters,

Thank you for all your support and guidance through the journey of learning till today. Today is my last speech before I depart to Australia. It is also my last speech of my competent communication manual.

I am the only one that is separating between you and the tea break. So I will make the speech as short as possible. Today I love to share with you my toastmasters journey briefly.

Through public speaking trainer, I knew about toastmasters. I want to know more. Then I search about toastmasters on Internet. From toastmasters official website, I send an email saying that I am interested to join one of the toastmasters meeting near my area. Less then a week, I got a response from Clement. He intro me to this club, Vista toastmasters club. I remember I supposed to attend my first toastmasters meeting on 21 Oct 2008. I really want to go as that time it was Halloween theme meeting. Due to the extreme heavy rain, I could not make it. My first meeting was at Nov 4, 2008. Although the heavy rain stopped me on going on the first meeting, but not the subsequence one. Determination was what I had.

All the speakers were good and the meeting environment is so friendly. I signed up as the member on the next meeting. After this, they assigned me a mentor, Peng Yew. One of the most experience mentor in this Club. I remember on the first few speeches, he will call me asking me how am I doing? How was the preparation? Just yesterday, we was chatting in Facebook. He guided me how the inspired speech is. How to organize it? Beside that, Ea San, our ex madam president lend me her favorite book, Effective Presentation, to me in order preparing this speech. These are just few examples that I can think off now. In short. Encouragement was what I received from this friendiest club.

The friendship that I have it here is priceless. You will know one of the best people in Penang. After I join toastmaster, I knew Hock Chye and Usha. They are from the same company as mine. I never knew them before that. They are friendly and helpful. I also knew many from difference company but same field, such as Ea San and Peng Yew. My social network getting weirder. They are not limited to this club only. I also visited other clubs, such as Sungai Ara Toastmasters, Dell Toastmasters and also Farlim Toastmasters. From there, I knew Jessica, Muthu, Chia Harng and to name a few. Not just this country, this club also have people all the way from Vietnam. He is not other then Dang Huy. Who knows we might have some from UK on the next meeting. Network or friend was what I can find in this club.

Of course, we must not forgot the main purpose we are here. Learning public speaking. There are total of ten project on competent communication manual. Each project we learn new things. The first speech was just to introduce yourself in four to six minutes. Then we learn how to organize our speech. Later we learn what body gestures and also vocal variety. We also learn how to make our speech interesting by doing researching and using visual aids. On my previous speech, I learn how to use persuasive power to love ourselves. Beside learning, we are also helping each other. We also pinpoint each others mistake and learn others strength. There is no other club that have such privileges.

Lastly, my toastmasters journey does not end here with this speech. I would said it is the beginning of my next journey. I will continue it with more challenging advance manual in Toastmasters in the near future. I will never forget the last sentence mentioned by Peng Yew yesterday. Actually, it is not really last sentence. But a sentence before bye. He said, "Ivan, you can do it." If I can, then you all also can.

Yours sincerely,


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