Toastmasters CC8 'Get Comfortable with Visual Aids': Benefits of Swimming Accessories

Yesterday is Tuesday. That is my regular Toastmaster meeting. Due to our club does not have projector. I had to think another way to present this speech. Last minute, I decided to use props on my speech. This speech, benefits of swimming accessories, was prepared.

–-- Start –--

Anyone here in this room knows how to swim? Please raise your hand. Anyone straight jump into swimming pool without wearing any swimming accessories? Please raise your hand.

Today I would like to share with all my loving toastmasters: some benefits of wearing swimming accessories. Head is the most important organ in human body. Now, we will only talk about swimming accessories that protect our head, which are ear plugs, cap, and goggles.

Swimming ear plugs are ear plugs that are designed to avoid water going into the ears. If water goes into our ears. It will create moisture. Constantly moisture in our ear will cause infections. This infections are commonly called 'swimmer's ear'. Swimmer's ear symptoms include pain, a sense of fullness, discharge and itching. If you often have this infections, it will contribute to hearing loss. Especially for frequent swimmer, ear plugs are must. Let me show you guys how to wear them. [Demo time].

Second things that I am going to talk about is swimming cap. In general, there are three type of swimming caps: Lycra, latex rubber and silicone. [Pointing to my swimming cap]. This one is Lycra type. Generally, swimming cap is worn to keep hair relatively dry and free of chlorinated water, although Lycra does not really designed for this purpose. If you swim for long period, it also can keep your hair warm. For me, the most important is hydrodynamic benefits, making you swim faster and smoother. Let me show you guys how to wear them. [Demo time].

Now, I have my ear plugs and swimming cap on, the last things that I am showing to you guys are swimming goggles. Three reasons you must wear goggles: performance, protection and functional. Doing the competition, swimming goggles are a must. It will improve your visibility while swimming. Avoiding disoriented and knowing where is the finishing point. That is performance. Protection: swimming goggles will keep you out of chlorine and other chemical that commonly found in the swimming pools. Some goggles also have harmful UV rays protection. Lastly functional, without glasses, I can't see anything. In the water, I can either wear contact lenses with normal swimming goggles or prescription swimming goggles. Let me show you guys how to wear them. [Demo time].

How am I look now? Handsome? No important. More important is your safety during swimming. Hoping you guys can bring home something new this evening. Thank you.

–-- End –--



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