Weekend Getaway: Langkawi Island

The last time I visited Langkawi island was during my secondary school. I heard there has been lots of changes since my last visiting.

Last time, I went with my schoolmates. This time I went with my friends, Joel, Anthony and Andrew. I went to purchase the tickets on Friday morning. It was RM115 for two ways. RM60 for one way. There are only two trips to Langkawi island from Penang island daily, which are 8.15am and 8.30am. There are also only two trips back from Langkawi island to Penang island, which are 2.30pm and 5.15pm. Since we can't decide what time we want to go home on Sunday, we left the return ticket open. It will valid for one month.

We woke up early on Saturday morning and reached at jetty 7.45am. The door will close at 8am. The journey to Langkawi was smooth. Since we took 8.15am ferry, they will stop at Payar island to drop some passengers and continue to Langkawi. We reached at Langkawi around noon. After taking a simple lunch, we rented a car. According to the sale persons, there are two types of car renter: one with permit, one without permit. After negotiating with some sale persons, we managed to get a Proton Waja car with permit for RM90 one day. The car that without permit will be around RM40 to RM50. After this, we went to check in at Malibest resort located at Cenang beach. Later, we met our friend, Kenny, who is working in Langkawi around 3pm. The first tourist spot will be Langkawi Sky Bridge. The whether started drizzling. Due to the bad weather, the Langkawi sky bridge closed. We discussed a while, we still decided to go ahead. As Joel and Anthony will go to Payar island tomorrow morning. The entrance ticket is RM 15 from Malaysian and RM 30 for non Malaysian. The bad moment came to me during the Langkawi cable car. Why? As I am acrophobia. I closed my eyes all the up and down to Mat Chinchang mountain. When we wera at the top of Mat Chinchang mountain, the sight was blocked by the cloud. We couldn't see much. When we backed to Burau Bay resort, the time already close to 6pm. Most of the tourist spots closed at 5pm. We couldn't do much but heading for dinner. At night, we did a bit of shopping, sight seeing on the street and movie. We watched '2012'. The movie ticket was RM11 per person, slightly more expensive comparing to Golden Screen Cinema in Penang.

On Sunday, we sent Joel and Anthony to jetty for their snorkeling activities at Payar island. Then we went to breakfast and three layers tea. I believe three layers tea was original from Sarawak. Three layers tea is a combination of brown sugar at bottom layer, evaporated milk at middle layer and red tea at top layer. It is RM2.50 per class. The taste was good and very different from milk tea. It was worth to try out. If anyone know, where we can find it in Penang, let me know. We took a rest at the room before we checked out. On the way back to jetty and returning the car, we accidentally saw a nice spot for photographing. We stopped the car at road side and took some quick shots. By the time, we reached at jetty, it was around 4pm. Since we suppose to return the car at 1pm. Due to the over time, we paid extra RM30 for three hours. While waiting for Joel and Anthony back from Payar island, we did a last minute shopping on chocolate, liquor and cigarette. We was very lucky on the way back to Penang. The weather was bad. The journey was very bumping and shaking and heavy rain too. Once we reached at Penang, we had a light dinner before heading home. I was too tired to turn on my computer. I straight away went to bed after shower.

Working on the next day.




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