Weekend Getaway: Food Hunting

I can't remember when is the last time I went to Province Wellesley.

Last weekend, a couple of my friends and I went to Province Wellesley searching for good food, conjunction with farewell gathering on friends that going to leave Penang end of November. Saturday night, we had our dinner at Xuan Xin (炫昇) Buffet Steamboat. Reaching at the restaurant around 7.30pm. They served five type of soup based. For example, clear soup, Tom Yum soup, porridge soups, etc. Lots of varieties for the steamboat, such as vegetable, bean curd, mushroom, noodle, etc. They also have fried bun, fried chicken, and french fried. Grill fish, squid, beef and chicken were my favorite. The desert are Rojak, ice-cream and Chinese dessert. Three type of cold drink to choose from. I like honey tea. We spend there till 9.30pm. After this, we hopped into Mr. Pot Cafe and continued our chit chat. For us, the Virgin Mary (cocktail) there does taste very different from the usual one. They are using fresh tomato juice instead of can tomato juice. First time, we meet Calvin. He is friendly and funny. The gathering ended shortly after midnight.

The next day, I had to wake up early. Meeting up with rest at 10am, heading to Island of Peace (Pulau Aman) for prawns noodle. We can't go directly to Island of Peace from Penang Island. We had to go to Province Wellesley first, then took a boat from a jetty near Bukit Tambun. Due to weekend, lots of people was in jetty by the time we reached there. We waited for nearly half an hour before stepping into boat. The boat fee is RM6 for both ways. Because of the article in Chinese newspaper reporting on the prawn noodle in Island of Peace, the floating restaurant was packing of people. We had our prawn noodle around noon. Some said it tasted average but value for money. Three big prawns in the noodle for RM6. After lunch, we walked around the village in the island. Later we noticed that there is another prawns noodle restaurant in the village, which is not so packed with people. They also produce shrimp paste (belacan in Malay) there.

On the day, the weather was hot and humid. So we decided Jaya Jusco Seberang Perai is our next destination. Most of us never been to this newly build supermarket at Province Wellesley. We felt much better inside this air-conditioned building. Firstly, we rested and had a drink at Old Town Cafe. We window-shopped for a while. We also tried Macau egg tart at The Baker's Cottage.

Trying Jawi Laksa will be our last agenda on that day before heading back home. This Jawi Laksi is available at a small local coffee shop which is located in Taman Mutiara, Bukit Mertajam. The major differences from the common Assam Laksa were serving in plate, and prawn fritters as topping. The gravy was more watery and with bean sprout. It costs RM2.20 per plate.

That day, I were still full in the evening, and skipped my dinner. It had been long time since the last hangout with friends. I did enjoyed the moments with them, and not just only the food. The food would be that extreme delicious without them. Here, I want to wish them all the best on their coming journey.




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