Toastmasters Table Topics

Today meeting was my first time being a table topics master. I prepared 8 topics.

First of all, for benefit of the guest, I explained briefly that table topics are impromptu speeches. The purpose of this session is to have members "think and speak on their feet" and speak for 1 to 2 minutes. I pointed to the indicator lights and mention that the green light will be flashed at 1 minute; the amber light will be flashed at 1.5 minute; the red light will be flashed at 3 minutes. The speakers will have 30 seconds to round up the speech. I also encouraged the speaker trying out the word of the day during the speech. Due to the time limitation, below were the topics that spoken by our members:

  • If you got a chance to change one part of your body including your face, what would that be? Why?
  • How do you propose your love one to marry you?


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