Writing 12: My Dream English School

My dream English school would be right in front of the television. It is a television channel that allowing people to subscribe.

This school is targeted for all ages students. It is flexible enough that the students can pick the class their interested in. We have different level of English, from kindergarten to adult. With 24 hours of classes, the working class students can choose to attend the class that held in the evening or at night. Mother can let their kids watching kindergarten program in the morning. Student will communicate with the teacher by text message, internet phone and email. Sometime, teachers will organize a chat room meet up, where student will train their communication skill. Through out the year, some writing competitions will held for improving student writing skills. Selected students will participate in English language game show that will held live from the television channel. The fee for subscribing this channel is cheap, since the school will also get profit by advertising some related materials, such as audio books, training books, and novels, to the students. It is educating, entertaining and fun school.

Would you come to my school? Why or why not?

(This is my first post of this series. It is for improving my English writing skill and response to the post mentioned in the references. If you like to improve your English too, welcome to join my English club)



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