National Day

Today is Malaysia National Day. I am very unproductive.

Supposedly I should get some work done, including publishing this post. First of all, wishing every Malaysian, Happy National Day. Better late then never. Sorry to all my friends for not updating my site. Let's me updating you guys, what's have been going on recently. I was busy on my work with extra since one of my colleague was not in the office for two weeks. Secondly, I was busy with my new phone, Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. Testing all the accessories that came with the phone, trying up all the features, uploading maps, install free application and many more. Beside that, I had been watching film and playing Facebook game. I know I am not productive at all. I also need to prepare my Toastmasters speech. I guess I had to do it tomorrow before the meeting. I have not been very actively publishing post, not to say prepare speeches. I have to do something. How can I make myself love to write post? That would be my question to think during my tonight bed time.


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