5 Ways to Get Free Recipes

Not everyone can affort to buy cook books. Or you run out of idea what to cook tonight. Or you want to cook something quick and fast. Here are 5 ways you can get recipes for free.

  1. Word of mouth. When your parents or your friends cooked something delicious, asked them for recipe. Home secret recipes always the best.
  2. Library book. My local library have wide collection of cook books. Some even have very recent cook book. That is my favorite way to read interesting books that I can't afford to buy or before I buy.
  3. Internet. Anyone that have internet access, can get lots of free recipes through internet. On internet, there are food blogs, celebrity chef office web sites, cook show sites and recipe collections site.
  4. Supermarket catalogue or magazine. In Australia, supermarket giants publish free month magazine full of recipes to try according to season food productions.
  5. Recipe printed on the food product. Some of the food product have their recipes printed on the jar, can or container allowing consumer to try different way of the food product is used.

Bonus Mobile applications. Smart phone, tablet are getting popular. We can get some free recipes from some of mobile applications. Here are the few examples. Allthecooks Recipes is a mobile application allowing community to share their recipes to everyone. Celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver, also have few mobile applications at Jamie Oliver's recipe mobile apps giving away some free recipes on your phone. Not all for free though. Australian celebrity chef, Donna Hay also have a mobile application called Donna Hay What's For Dinner. It is not only got some free recipes and paid recipes, it have other features, such as shopping list, weekly planner and timer.



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