Visting Huanghuacheng Great Wall

I had a great day yesterday. Since it is my last weekend in Beijing, on this short trip assignment, I decide to visit Huanghuacheng (Yellow Flower City, 黄花城) Great Wall. Some called it Lakeside Great Wall (水长城). As this Great Wall is nearby a lake and a reservoir.

Very early morning, I took bus no. 916 at Dongzhimen (东直门) from Beijing (北京) and reach Huairou Coach Station (怀柔汽车站) at in Huairou (怀柔). With a travel card, it will cost RMB4.80. After one hour and twenty minutes, I met up my friend at coach station. He had been to Lakeside Great Wall for many times. He know the way reaching there. We need to take another local bus to reach the intercity bus station. This bus station is located 4 stops to north by taking local bus no. 916 outer ring (外环). It will cost RMB0.80 with travel card. The area of the intercity bus station is called Yujiayuan (于家园) near Xiaobaiyang market (小白羊市场). From there, we took intercity bus that costs RMB3.60 with travel card to Lakeside Great Wall (水长城). We spent quite a long time waiting for the bus. After we asked the bus conductor, she said the bus interval is 40min for off peak and 20min for peak season. We spend around one and a half hours on the bus. After we reached there, it almost noon. We had a lunch before we enter the reserve area. The entrance ticket is RMB25 per person. Different experience. We did not climb the Great Wall. We mainly just walk around the lake and see the Great Wall from different angle. Interesting trip I would said.




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