Visiting Tianjin

Last Sunday, we had a crazy idea during our lunch. Instead of going to crab island (蟹岛), we decided to try the super fast train from Beijing to Tianjin in half an hour.

The train ticket is cost RMB58 one way. I watched the display inside the train. The maximum speed was 330km/h. After reaching at Tianjin, we walked around the city, seeing the many different design of bridges and some of the historical buildings. Nowadays they converted most of them to banks. After these, we took a taxi to Tianjin airport. My friend told me that we got cheated. The taxi driver took a longer way. He drive us to the south of the city and then highway to the airport. It costs us RMB50. On the way home, we took a van that cost RMB10 per person from the airport to Tianjin train station. It is a service from the Tianjin airport. This time we noticed, the van driver took a shorten path, WeiGuoDao (卫国道). Later we grabbed a simple dinner and took a slow train (RMB19) back to Beijing. By the time I reach home was 10pm. A half day interesting trip to Tianjin.



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